Richard Hammond says he thought he was going to die as Grand Tour presenter examines exactly how crash happened

The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond spoke with the car's creator Mate Rimac to look at the fallout from the crash, and explained how the accident would affect filming for season two


The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond admits he though he had “had it” as he attempted to explain exactly what went wrong during his horror crash in Switzerland.


Amazon Prime Video presenter Hammond sat down with the creator of the car he was driving – the all-electric Rimac Concept One supercar – to discuss footage and stats from his Grand Tour crash, which saw the car come off the road during a race and travel over 100m down a Swiss hillside before bursting into flames.

Hammond escaped relatively unscathed with a broken leg, but he said in the video that he believed he was going to die.

“There was a moment of dread, ‘Oh God yeah I’m going to die,’” he said.

“So yeah, what was probably going through my mind was, ‘Well, this is it’,” he added. “I thought I’d had it.”

During the video on, CEO Mate Rimac showed him part of the carmaker’s research into the accident, which showed how the car travelled 110m down the hill, narrowly avoiding a house.

Hammond in turn exaplined that the main difference between this crash and his other serious accident – while filming Top Gear in 2006 – was that this time he was conscious for the entire time, and therefore realised very quickly the seriousness of the situation.

However, as he explains in the video below, the presenter’s injuries could have been far worse.

Pointing at his broken left leg wrapped in dressings, he joked, “My youngest daughter said, ‘Daddy you look like you’ve fallen over in the playground!'”

Hammond also explained how the crash would impact on filming on The Grand Tour: “Obviously we’d far rather it hadn’t happened but if it was going to happen it’s just worked out perfectly.

“Obviously we don’t film necessarily in the order that things go out, and we’ve been busy. For once if anything we’re a little bit ahead with our homework, or we’re certainly on time with it. We’re usually not – really not. 

“So what we’ve got left to shoot I can do what I have to do.”

He concluded, “We can make it. The short answer is we can without changing any of the films we’d planned, without adjusting anything in the show this series, we can complete it.” 

The Grand Tour season two will air on Amazon Prime Video later this year – probably