Emmerdale: Pierce’s mum Martha revealed to be Rhona’s stalker!

A surprise twist saw the sinister Martha return to the ITV soap


Pierce Harris’s mum Martha has tonight been revealed to be working in cahoots with her sick son. This evening’s episode of Emmerdale gave viewers a shock when Martha was shown to be the one terrorising Rhona with a series of sinister pranks.


Fans would have been forgiven that it was Pierce himself who’d been stalking Rhona, a conclusion that a protective Paddy jumped to when he turned up at the lawyer’s office and punched him in the face. But following the assault, Pierce explained that he couldn’t be the one responsible, having only just returned from a business meeting in Amsterdam.


As Rhona was left fretting as to who had been plaguing her, viewers saw a shadowy figure prowling around in her kitchen. Once her face was illuminated, it was revealed to be Martha, who prior to this evening’s return has made just one appearance on Emmerdale back in April.


Earlier this year, Pierce was left disconcerted when his mum suddenly surfaced in the run-up to his nuptials and was clearly relieved to get shot of her pretty soon afterwards. However, actor Jonathan Wrather did reveal recently that there was more to the situation than met the eye:

“Martha – Pierce’s mother – has been introduced. And she’s harbouring some secret – and we don’t know to what extent. There’s something slightly mysterious about it and it could be something very big.

“It could be something he’s done like this in the past, but it could be something else. Do we believe what Martha said or do we believe Pierce?”

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