Channel 4 confirms Host the Week has been dropped after just one episode

Scarlett Moffatt became the first – and only – guest host of the new format, with Channel 4 admitting that not all "innovative programme ideas" pay off


After being deemed “unwatchable” by some viewers, Channel 4 has pulled the plug on new entertainment show Host the Week.


Originally commissioned for three episodes, the broadcaster has confirmed that the two further planned episodes will now not be going ahead.

“We’re brave enough to take risks with innovative programme ideas but also to acknowledge they don’t all work and move on,” a spokesperson for Channel 4 told

From the makers of BBC3’s Murder in Successville, the format featured a celebrity guest ‘host’ the show despite having no prior knowledge about what was going to happen in the episode.

The celebrity presenters were thrust into different scenarios and programmes including spoofs of Blind Date, This Morning and the Channel 4 news, which they had to perform unrehearsed and off the cuff.

The first episode of the show was hosted by Scarlett Moffatt, while Jack Whitehall was lined up to present episode two.

At the time of commission, Channel 4’s Head of Events, Entertainment & Sport Ed Havard said: “This hilarious and topical hybrid show will offer a unique televisual experience for viewers as anything can, and probably will happen.

“With the smash hit Murder in Successville, Tiger Aspect has an excellent track record in organised TV chaos and we hope to deliver something just as brilliant.”

Sadly, despite its 9pm prime time slot the first episode pulled in under half a million viewers, and struggled to convince the people who did tune in that it was a good idea.