Lotan is removed from Big Brother house after security break up aggressive row

Big Brother bosses had given the group alcohol and asked them to describe each other’s personality traits


Lotan Carter has been removed from the Big Brother house after an explosive row that led security to intervene.


On Sunday night, Essex stripper Lotan threw his drink at fellow housemates and used threatening language in behaviour that Big Brother deemed “completely unacceptable”.

The row kicked off after Big Brother bosses gave the group alcohol and asked them to describe each other’s personality traits.

Viewers were warned at the start of the Channel 5 reality programme that they were in for an intense hour: “Be prepared throughout for scenes of sexual intimidation, extremely intense and violent confrontations and highly offensive language, all of which may distress some viewers.”

Lotan began the game by calling Isabelle vain, and in retaliation she questioned whether he was a good role model to his child. Lotan then threw his drink, the drink hit Hannah, and chaos ensued.

Big Brother later scolded Lotan in the Diary Room:

“Lotan, before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour and language were explained to you.

“Big Brother has spoken to you before about the importance of obeying Big Brother’s instructions.

“Last night when you were already angry and behaving in an intimidating way, you deliberately ignored Big Brother’s instructions, broke out of the Diary Room and refused to return.

“Big Brother has also spoken to you previously about isolating and intimidating behaviour, particularly towards women. 

“Last night you threw your drink angrily at Isabelle, Chanelle and Hannah and then threw the empty bottle across the room.

“Later in the bedroom and then in the Diary Room, you used threatening language about a fellow housemate.

“Lotan, Big Brother considers your behaviour to be completely unacceptable and has no option but to remove you from the house.”

Asked whether he wanted to respond, Lotan declined to comment and promptly left.

Just over a week ago, Kayleigh Morris was ejected from Big Brother after threatening violence towards Chanelle McCleary. 

The events leading up to Lotan’s removal will be shown in Monday’s Big Brother at 10pm on Channel 5