Hollyoaks: Cindy and Simone clash on the campaign trail

Local politics sees the pair playing dirty next week


If you thought the recent ructions in the UK government were pretty shocking, just wait until the battle to get on the local council in Hollyoaks kicks into gear next week as Cindy Cunningham and Simone Loveday go head to head. It’s going to be brutal. 


The iron ladies are on the campaign trail and make sure both are visible in a charity walkathon taking place in the village in Monday’s E4 episode. With Louis obviously Team Loveday in support of his wife, and newcomer Milo Entwistle flying the flag for new friend Cindy, it’s a bitter battle – but who will claim the trophy and be crowned winner of the walkathon?

Later in the week Cindy and Simone prepare for a final debate as the decision looms as to who will be elected, and the gloves are off.

However, beneath the bravado Simone is concealing a secret heartache, as she attends a hospital appointment for an update on her quest to have another baby. The news is not quite what she’d hoped for, and she puts a brave face on for the debate – despite Cindy’s attempt to use her rival’s past drink problem against her. Will Simone remain dignified in the face of her opponent’s mud slinging?

Thursday’s E4 episode marks the conclusion of the political wrangling, but who will be named Hollyoaks’ new councillor? And how low will Cindy go to discredit Simone?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.