EastEnders: Tracey to be reinstated in the Vic next week?

The legendary barmaid is given the chance to reapply for her old job...


There was a national outcry when barmaid Tracey was sacked from the Queen Vic a few months ago. An institution behind the bar of the Walford boozer, new investor Fi Browning demanded staff cutbacks the minute she took over the pub’s freehold and poor Tracey was told she’d pulled her last pint after 30 years on the job.


But fear not Tracey fans, because next week she’s given the opportunity to reapply for her old job – could she be back where she belongs?

With Whitney away (probably for the best with Mick’s wife Linda on her way home…), Mick, Shirley and Fi need an extra pair of hands and hold interviews for bar staff next Tuesday.

Despite having been tempted by an offer from The Albert, Tracey swallows her pride and reapplies for her old position.

Grilled by the panel (what can they possibly ask someone who did it for three decades? In fact, why bother with the interview process at all? To humiliate Trace even further?), it looks like the mostly-silent Tracey is a shoo-in – but could there be a twist in store?

By next Friday, Fi continues to make her mark in the pub and suggests holding a craft beer event. Mick and Shirley are dubious as to whether their punters will be impressed by the hipster-ish gimmick, but they press on regardless, with Fi even entering into a little wager with the reluctant landlord the night will be a success. Could Fi actually have a fun side? And will Tracey be the one serving up craft ales or someone else? Fingers crossed that ‘Save Tracey’ petition didn’t go to waste…

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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