EastEnders: does Dot die after shock fall?

Cliffhanger scenes saw the Walford legend crash to the ground


Dot Branning’s life has been left on the line in tonight’s EastEnders after the Walford icon had a shock fall after tripping over Dave the cat.


Albert Square stalwart Dot was sent crashing to the ground just as she was putting the finishing touches to Patrick’s birthday cake. Viewers now have to wait until tomorrow to discover Dot’s fate, although we can now give RadioTimes.com readers a preview of what leis ahead.

Tomorrow’s episode will see an injured Dot’s cries for help look set to go unheard by close friend Patrick, who calls round to check on her. And it’s only when Sonia makes her return from Kettering that Dot ends up getting saved.

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 27 June then see a guilt-ridden Patrick watch with other residents as Dot is taken away in an ambulance as Sonia fumes that nobody has been keeping an eye on her.

The residents of the Square later receive news that Dot will need an operation to fix her hip – but will the EastEnders legend make it through the procedure? And will the drama leave everyone at home worried about not being there for Dot in the first place?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on EastEnders below.


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