Coronation Street: why is Pat Phelan bruised and battered?

Is there a sinister reason for Phelan's injuries?


Coronation Street has left fans with plenty of questions tonight after villainous builder Pat Phelan was seen with cuts and bruises on his face.


Dodgy Pat hasn’t been in any on-screen fights or accidents, so the injuries are something of a mystery, especially seeing as he gave contradictory reasons for their cause.

Scenes just broadcast saw Pat say to Eileen that he walked into a kitchen shelf, while working on a rewiring job. Then came the moment when he snapped at Seb for suggesting that he’d been punched. Finally, Phelan told probation officer Nicola that he’d received the shiner after intervening during a fight at a bus stop.

So which explanation are we to believe? Any or none of them? (Or did actor Connor McIntyre merely walk into a door?)

It is unusual for Coronation Street to hint at off-screen dramas for its characters, which suggests that something major must be going on with Pat in between episodes. Could it be linked with his suspicions that Nicola could be his long-lost daughter? Or might Phelan be embroiled in fresh murkiness?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below

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