Emmerdale: Pierce to “destroy” Rhona? Here’s what happens next

Next week's episodes see Rhona start to believe she has a stalker


Manipulative Pierce has threatened to ruin Rhona’s life should she pursue her allegation of rape.


Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale saw the twisted Mr Harris return to the village to collect his belongings, making sure that he took his sweet time gathering up his clothes.

When Vanessa confronted him about his actions, Pierce said that if Rhona continued with her “lies”, then he’d “destroy” her.


As fans of the ITV soap know, Pierce was recently released by the police, who felt that there wasn’t enough evidence to detain him.

Rhona, though, does have her supporters in the village, with Paddy and Vanessa both standing by her despite Pierce’s attempt to portray the rape as consensual.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Rhona reveal the truth about her rapist husband to the rest of the village as she tries to move on from her traumatic ordeal.

But then comes a growing sense of fear that someone is stalking her: a message left in a fogged-up bathroom mirror and empty blister packs of pills left on the table at home all point to someone messing with her mind.


Speaking recently about the upcoming drama, actress Zoe Henry said: “Just as she feels she can cope and regain some control, this chips away and wears her down.

“She’s fragile, volatile and doesn’t know what to do anymore. It makes her question how safe it is to stay in the house with Leo. She’s locking all the doors and windows, shutting the curtains – Rhona is a woman on the edge.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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