Hollyoaks: Cindy is DS Armstrong’s next victim, reveals star

Interview with Andrew Hayden-Smith who plays the sinister stalker


In Hollyoaks, you should never trust anyone in authority – we learnt that the hard way when respectable Dr Lindsey Roscoe turned out to be the Gloved Hand Killer, murdering patients when the mood took her by administering lethal doses of medication.


Taking up the mantle of ‘local psycho hiding in plain sight’ is DS Gavin Armstrong, the handsome copper with a sinister sideline in stalking attractive, vulnerable women. Driven out of the village when colleague Ryan Knight discovered his unhealthy obsession with Leela Lomax, Armstrong returned this week to cause more havoc.

Even though Leela found out he’d been stalking her, she’s being blackmailed to keep quiet as Armstrong knows her biggest secret – that the father of her baby is her toy boy’s dad – and next week he has a new victim in his sights. Ex-Doctor Who star Andrew Hayden-Smith tells us which Hollyoaks honey needs to start looking over their shoulder…

DS Armstrong has been off screen for a while, what can we expect from his return?

He’s back, sneaker and creepier than ever! Armstrong is going to make poor Cindy’s life a misery as he gets obsessed with her. Ryan and Leela both know exactly what he’s like so you can expect a couple of run-ins with those two as well.

It also looks like he’s going to be moving into the village…

Yes, he applies to rent the spare room at the Cunningham house. We already know he has a nasty streak and there’s a pretty sinister reason behind it. Let’s just say he hasn’t exactly cleaned up his act while he’s been away! 

What does DS Armstrong think about newcomer Milo, who also applies for the room?

I don’t think he sees much competition in him. Armstrong just finds him a bit annoying and wants him out of the way so he can get to Cindy. 

How does he plan to convince the family he’d make the better lodger?

Armstrong puts the frighteners on Cindy, just like he did with Leela to make her feel like having a copper around the house would be a good idea. And that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Leela knows the truth about Armstrong now, is he worried she’ll tell someone or has he done enough to keep her quiet?

It’s all about control with Armstrong and knowing that Louis Loveday is the real father of Leela’s baby gives him that power over her. He knows she won’t expose him for what he really is otherwise he’ll blow her cover and tell the whole village! 

Does he still have feelings for Leela? 

Armstrong is infatuated with her – I think she’ll always be his number one. He definitely won’t just let that go even though she knows he’s been stalking her and things have turned nasty. It’s not the last we’ve seen of their very dysfunctional relationship.

Armstrong is also around when it kicks off at Nick’s sentencing in next Wednesday’s E4 episode, what happens there?

Even though he can be a nasty piece of work, Armstrong is very good at his job. At the court hearing, Holly sees Nick with Tegan and just flies at him leaving Armstrong to step in and calm her down. By doing this, Holly then tells Cindy she thinks Armstrong deserves to have the room because of how he helped her. I think he was genuinely looking out for Holly at the court, but she’s made a big mistake leading her into their home!

Is being the hero all a part of Armstrong’s act?

I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. He’s very calculating. I think he relishes the praise and adulation he gets from being in the police force but at the end of the day, he has some serious issues. Over the coming weeks you’ll see the mind games he plays with Cindy and how he starts to control her and make her think she needs him.

Finally, Armstrong is still a prime suspect in the Amy Barnes case – do you think he is capable of murder?

I don’t know if he’s a cold-blooded killer but accidents do happen so who knows! He deliberately pushed Zack down the stairs because he got in the way of him and Leela. You’ll have to watch and find out exactly what he’s capable of, but I reckon Armstrong will do whatever it takes to get what he wants…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.