EastEnders: stalker Tom shows his true colours – is Michelle in danger?

Nosebleed man went a bit psycho in tonight's episode


The mystery surrounding ‘nosebleed tube guy’ Tom Bailey deepened in tonight’s EastEnders when Michelle Fowler’s new man – and secret stalker – had a weirdly aggressive outburst that hinted at serious anger issues. 


Finally getting round to having a proper date after flirting on the tube during their daily commute, Michelle and Tom got to know each other a little better over drinks at The Albert – where it just so happened to be singles’ night.

So far, so sweet, but of course fans know Tom has been secretly stalking Michelle and taking pictures of her on his phone without her knowledge.


During the date he was charm personified and sweetly bumbling, opening up about trying to move on after the death of his wife. They parted company and Tom gave Michelle a respectful peck on the cheek before heading off (presumably back to the tube where he spends most of his time).

But as he strolled along Turpin Road all happy-go-lucky, his mood abruptly changed when a passer-by accidentally bumped into him. As they apologised with an inoffensive “Sorry, mate,”, Tom took umbrage and got right in the guy’s face and said threateningly: “I am NOT your mate…” 


It was unexpected, unprovoked and pretty scary, and implied Tom is one to keep your eye on. We’ve already expressed our concern about Tom’s true agenda and speculated what he could be up to (click here for our theories), and this only confirms our fears that Michelle may be in serious danger from her commuting crush.

The moral of the story? Don’t talk to strangers on the tube, obviously…

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