6 important talking points from this new picture of The Great British Bake Off line-up

Noel Fielding just couldn't resist wearing gold lamé boots


Paul Hollywood has posted this picture of The Great British Bake Off presenters and hosts taking a break while filming, and we need to talk about it.


We’ll gloss over the fact he’s captioned it The Fab Four (we’ll be the judge of that in the autumn, Paul) and get onto the really important stuff…

1. Noel Fielding is already having an impact on the tent

Sartorially at least. Wearing skinny black jeans, he’s seemingly influenced both co-host Sandi Toksvig and judge Prue Leith with their choice of gothy black legwear.

Even Paul Hollywood’s swapped his usual smart shirt for a black tee. Just go easy on the eyeliner guys, yeah?

2 Those gold lamé boots, which Noel has borrowed from Richard Ayoade

By Noel’s standards, a green t-shirt and jeans is pretty pared down and we have to say we’re disappointed not to see more fake fur or a huge hat. 

Thankfully where he hasn’t let us down is in the footwear department. Check out those gold lamé boots.

We’re just a bit concerned that Channel 4 are having to cut costs on GBBO after spending £75 million on the show.

Not only have they only stretched to Fabs (where’s the artisan gelato?) but did the wardrobe department have to borrow the boots back from Richard Ayoade after he’d done with them in The Crystal Maze?


3. Sandi Toksvig is carrying on the Mary Mantle

Between the four of them, there is no floral bomber in sight (we thought Noel might have gone all out here).

However, we’re still pleased to note that Sandi hasn’t abandoned the tradition of wearing flowery items of clothing in the tent, as she’s gone for a very on-trend applique flower shirt. We can expect all her future shirts to sell out in Zara in a matter of days.

4. Prue and Paul’s hair

New start, new hair. That’s exactly what Prue’s done by taking off a few inches and making sure that some of the more easily-confused viewers of GBBO don’t tune in thinking that Mary Berry looks a bit different.

With that grey quiff, she’s just a few tubs of VO5 hair gel away from being Paul’s hair twin. Maybe we’ll get to see the similarities if a baker accidentally flicks some coconut oil on her head during filming?

5. That stain on Paul’s jeans

Or is it a rip? It might be a very on-trend slash at the knee in Paul’s trousers, it could be a bit of Fab lolly that’s dribbled down or it could be the remnants of a soggy-bottomed disaster in the tent. Maybe it’s even Iain’s Baked Alaska seeking its final revenge?

6. That slogan on Noel’s t-shirt

Now we might be making some assumptions here, but it certainly looks to us as though the phrase on Noel’s t-shirt reads something like “If all else fails…” 

Is it offering help to bakers with something like ‘Cover the cracks with cream?’ or maybe it’s a message for himself, Paul, Prue and Sandi. ‘At least we’re getting paid loads to be here’?

Either way, bringing the word ‘fail’ anywhere near the Bake Off tent feels rather ominous…


The Great British Bake Off comes to Channel 4 later this year