Hollyoaks: Simone left for dead by Prince after botched robbery

The McQueen teen is caught breaking into the Lovedays - with disastrous results


Prince McQueen returns to Hollyoaks this week having left the village with errant father Shane Sweeney earlier in the month – but his dodgy dad doesn’t appear to have been a good influence on the teen as he’s soon stealing from his neighbours, leading to a violent showdown with Simone Loveday.


Hunter has contacted his twin brother to come home and help traumatised Lily Drinkwell, who is struggling in the aftermath of the teens’ recent car crash that left her scarred for life. In Friday’s E4 episode, Lily and Prince are finally reunited and she breaks down in her estranged boyfriend’s arms the minute she sees him.

Unfortunately, shifty Shane has also returned with Prince and is soon causing chaos for the McQueen clan – starting by stealing cash from his ex Goldie’s savings account.

It seems father and son are not planning to hang around though, despite Hunter trying to convince Prince he’ll be in serious trouble if he misses his sentencing for the crash.

But when the boys get wind that Goldie’s account has been mysteriously cleared out, Prince decides to stay and vows to get his mum’s money back – by any means possible…


In Wednesday’s E4 episode, Prince spies an opportunity to raise some readies by breaking into the Loveday flat and stealing Simone’s jewellery. Swiping a set of spare keys from Louis, the lad lets himself in, pulls on a mask and rifles around for the bling – only to be caught red-handed by Simone who returns home unexpectedly.

A struggle ensues and panicking Prince knows he’s got to get out as quick as he can, so he barges past Simone only to send her flying to the floor.


Screaming in pain, Prince is full of guilt as he leaves Mrs Loveday to an uncertain fate and does a runner with his haul.

Will he own up to the bungled burglary? Will Simone be okay? And are Prince and Shane going to be forced to do another runner from Hollyoaks just days after they’ve come back?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.