Hollyoaks: newcomer Milo makes a spectacular entrance

But which villager does he want to immediately shack up with?


Prepare to meet Milo Entwistle, who literally crashes into Hollyoaks next week on a hoverboard right into the path of some of the locals. Now that’s one way to make an entrance. 


The chirpy, well-meaning newcomer speeds in on two wheels (and no handles) in next Monday’s E4 episode, and as these hilarious pictures show he makes quite an impact – racing past Shane Sweeney, knocking into Cindy Cunningham then finally losing control of his biped vehicle and crashing into a load of bin bags.


Kindly priest Father Joel Dexter does his good deed for the day and comes to Milo’s aid, but the embarrassment of his rival will surely be pretty hard to get over…


Milo soon goes head to head with local stalker DS Armstrong to be a lodger in the Savage house, but faced with a choice between geeky, awkward Milo and fit, charming copper Armstrong, who do you think Cindy is swayed by? Almost running her over earlier that day doesn’t exactly do Milo any favours.

Milo is played by TV newcomer Nathan Morris. Speaking about his role, the actor says: “Milo tries his best to be nice and help others, but often makes matters worse! I feel very lucky to join the amazing team at Hollyoaks. I hope people react well to Milo.”

However, there’s more to this new face than just comedy pratfalls – a Hollyoaks spokesperson teases: “Beneath the character’s nice guy demeanour lies a chilling dark side and years of guilt over a tragic, terrible secret…”

Does anyone move to that village without a secret?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.