Coronation Street: “Eva will stop at nothing to get revenge on Aidan,” reveals Catherine Tyldesley

The actress teases Eva’s discovery of Aidan and Maria’s fling


Coronation Street’s Eva Price has been serially cheated on by every boyfriend she’s had in her six years on the cobbles. At the moment she doesn’t realise current beau Aidan Connor has been doing the dirty with her so-called best friend Maria Connor – but that’s all set to change next week when Ms Price discovers the truth.


Monday’s long-awaited reveal kicks off what promises to a juicy revenge plot for Eva, who resists confronting the couple about copping off when she learns of the betrayal, but instead chooses to play the long game and starts cooking up a dish of vengeance set to sizzle thorughout the summer.

Actress Catherine Tyldlesy reveals that, while this will inevitably end in tears for Eva, it will also be lots of fun. And the way she finds out is apparently not to be missed.


“I won’t tell you how the affair is exposed, but I think it’s the best discovery ever!” she beams as she chats to on the Corrie set. “It’s brilliant. Remember in EastEnders when Grant’s affair with Tiffany’s mum was found out on the baby monitor? It’s as good as that.”

Since Aidan and Maria embarked on their fling, fans have been waiting for Eva to find out so we could be treated to a classic Coronation Street showdown – but Tyldesley reveals they’ll have to be patient for a bit longer.

“Eva could’ve had it out with them there and then, but what she actually does is way better. It’s a revenge plot – she wants to hurt Aidan as much as he’s hurt her. What she’s about to do is the best way of achieving that.

“She wants to see him suffer and take him for everything he’s got. Eva thought Aidan was her Prince Charming, and now he’s done this. She will stop at nothing to make sure he is deeply hurt.”

Eva has spent the last few months being oblivious to her fella and her friend’s duplicity, and her head has been full of happy daydreams about marrying Aidan. But in the upcoming emotional scenes following the reveal, Tyldesley teases we’ll be seeing a different side to her character as things get dark.


“Her immediate reaction is extreme, and very much reverts to her being Eva the diva which is great as when I first came into the show she was very feisty. It’s nice to come back to that. I don’t think I would’ve reacted that way personally, but as an actress it’s juicy stuff and brilliant to play.

“Eva’s on the verge of a panic attack in most scenes as she’s trying to keep her cool and hold it together. Aidan is completely unaware and every time he goes in for a kiss or wants to be intimate, it just makes her feel sick. I couldn’t be as steely as Eva, but she gets quite good at the poker face.”

“She feels really silly that she trusted them. Eva likes to see the good in people but has deep trust issues because everyone cheats on her, and her dad walked out when she was a toddler.

“The bunny boiler gene has been lying dormant for a whle, but after this it’s back with a vengeance.”

In true soap style there are further layers of complication as Eva also delivers some life-changing news to Aidan among all the drama in next Monday’s double episode – she’s pregnant.

“This makes things ten times worse. A week before it would’ve been all she’s ever wanted, but coming at the same time she discovers the affair is heartbreaking. Eva basically feels like her world is crumbling. She sits Aidan down to tell him, and can see the fear in his eyes…”

With a baby in the mix, Tyldesley admits it could put Eva’s plan off course as she battles with her feelings towards Aidan. Could raging hormones lead to eventual forgiveness?

“She’s completely torn because I think she still loves him. Even after she finds out about Maria you see the pangs. I really feel for her, she’s in a horrendous position because she just loved Aidan so much.”


And what of Maria, Weatherfield’s resident homewrecker, who’s carrying on with her cousin-by-marriage while pretending to be best friends with his factory worker fiancee? “You don’t do that to your mate, do you? Eva firmly believes in the girl rule: you don’t go with somebody else’s boyfriend or their ex. It’s a massive no-no. I think most people agree, as they seem to be Team Eva.

“I’ve got absolutely no sympathy for Aidan or Maria. I think he loves them both but is wanting to have his cake and eat it. For me, either you’re with someone or you’re not. Play the field if you like, but if you want to commit then do it properly.”

With this storyline set to stretch over the summer months, it remains to be seen if Eva will get Aidan up the aisle – and even if she does it will surely only be as part of her wicked payback plot, so it will hardly be the best day of her life.

But Tyldesley is still hopeful of a soap wedding, and has some ideas about Eva’s frock – just in case… “It would be big, a cross between My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I’ve always said I’ve love a soap wedding.

“Whatever happens to Eva she’ll come out of this a lot stronger and more independent. Corrie writes wonderfully for strong, feisty women – it’s what they do best.” 

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