Coronation Street: Bethany flees with Nathan – here’s what happens next

Mary to warn Sarah that Bethany has fled - but can she be found before it's too late?


Vulnerable Bethany Platt has been seen running away with evil Nathan Curtis, despite the pleas of Mary Taylor that she stay on Coronation Street.


Scenes just broadcast saw Mary try to convince Bethany to remain with the Platts, likening the situation to her own rape.

Mary tried to make Bethany see that the things Nathan are making her do are wrong, only for the teary teen to get into the car with Nathan anyway.


As Mary stood her ground, she told Nathan that she wasn’t scared of him, only for him to reply that she should be.

As Nathan stroked young Harry Platt’s cheek, it was obvious that he’d even resort to harming the toddler should Mary cross him.


Coronation Street fans won’t have long to wait to find out what happens to Bethany (there’s another episode at 8:30pm), although can reveal that Mary will be seen bursting into the Rovers and revealing to Sarah that Bethany has fled.

The drama then finds Nathan explaining to Bethany that he’s driving to Hull to set sail for Belgium, but she is forced to confess that she has no passport.

As Nathan phones a contact to sort a new passport, Bethany is alarmed to discover that she’s going to Belgium alone while Nathan lays low for a while. And when Bethany starts quizzing Nathan about his plans for her, she’s met with a stern order to stop asking questions.


Back on the Street, Sarah is frantic with worry despite the police’s assurances that they will do all they can to trace Nathan, who has broken his bail conditions. But will the Platts find Bethany before it’s too late?

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