Kayleigh Morris has been removed from the Big Brother house over violent threats

The former Ex on the Beach star was taken off the show after an argument with Chanelle McCleary


Kayleigh Morris has been kicked out of Big Brother after threatening violence towards fellow housemate Chanelle McCleary.


Earlier in the week Channel 5 released a statement saying the former Ex on the Beach star had been removed as “Big Brother cannot tolerate threats of actual violence”. After last night’s episode we learned Kayleigh issued those threats to Chanelle after an argument.

During a talk between the pair, the conversation turned hostile and Chanelle knocked Kayleigh’s drink off the table. This led to Kayleigh repeatedly shouting she would “smash her ****ing face in”.

After more shouting, Kaleigh was summoned to the diary room, where she was seen punching the walls. Big Brother then instructed the housemate to sleep in the house’s spare bedroom for the night. Kaleigh then repeated the threats and shortly afterwards she was removed from the show.

Caution: the following clip contains very strong language


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