Love Island newbie Mike has barely unpacked his suitcase and he’s already shaking things up

With the recoupling getting closer and closer will he play it safe or follow his instinct?


After his sudden arrival in last night’s episode of Love Island, Mike’s already started to ruffle feathers as he makes a play for some of the already ‘taken girls’. Four days ago we forgot Olivia was even in the villa as she was quietly coupled up with Boro boy Sam. Then that went down like a lead balloon and she only had eyes for Chris – until now, as new boy Mike has turned her head.


In a (not so) philosophical Beach Hut monologue Olivia ponders the difficulties she was facing.

Olivia: “Mike walks through the door… That’s me. That’s me all over. If you could take a portion of my brain and be like, ‘What gets Liv going?’ That’s it. He’s very fit, very fit… I was just about to be really content and loved up with Chris and then that walks through the door. That’s me! And now my head’s gone again.”

Tyne-Lexy is in agreement, calling Mike ‘the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.’ Bold statement.


After spending the last couple of days with his chest puffed out like a peacock and an increasingly irritating ego, Chris finally seems to have started worrying that Olivia might lose interest in him, and move on to Mike.

Chris: “All I want is straight up reassurance because at the end of the day, if a bird came in who was a rocket and just my type, I wouldn’t have made anyone aware that that was my type when they came in.”

We’re slightly skeptical about that one, we must say…

Luckily for Chris, Kem has his back as he warns Olivia to be cautious.

“Don’t forget how much of a good geezer Chris is. Just because Mike is good looking this is where you get blinded… Just think how many mistakes you’ve made in the past. You go out every single weekend and there are hundreds of guys as good looking as him, but you’re forgetting that Chris he’s been [out of order] to everyone in here just to get to you. Don’t jump your gun.”

Meanwhile some of the other girls are working on getting Mike’s attention with Montana even registering her interests.

He’s very easy on the eye, he’s going to be some very valuable eye candy around the villa. I’d like to have a conversation with him today to get to know him a bit more and then we’ll see… I feel a bit like he’s stirred the pot a bit unintentionally because he is a very good looking lad.”


It also seems like there may be trouble ahead for self-titled power couple Jess and Dom as even she admits she has her eyes on Mike.

Jess says: (to Mike) “I would have on paper gone for you,” she says, “I said to Dom I’d give him a chance until he messes up basically. We had a fall out last night and I think he does know there’s someone else in here that I would [be interested in]. Things change I’ve only been here a week and a bit.”

Mike :“Give it another two weeks and God knows what could happen. Looks-wise it would be you I’ll be honest and that’s kind of why I wanted to talk to you now and just see if we’d clash.”

Jess: “Clashing is kind of good though sometimes.”

Mike has been given the opportunity to take three of the girls on dates, but who will he choose? As the cracks begin to show between what we thought were solid relationships, and the impending recoupling gets closer, we’re expecting fireworks…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2