Home and Away: Morgans reel as Brody’s drug hell is revealed

The family are torn apart as the chef's crimes catch up with him


Troubled Brody Morgan’s drug addiction will be revealed to his family in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, leaving the clan stunned at the chef’s descent into substance abuse and crime – and Brody himself could end up in prison. 


As cop Kat Chapman edges closer to discovering Brody was behind the recent pawn shop robbery in nearby Yabbie Creek, she tracks down the driver of the getaway car that was spotted leaving the scene. 

At the station, Scarlett Snow tells Kat she was carjacked by a guy completely off his face on drugs but she didn’t get a good look at his face – agreeing to her secret pact with Brody to keep quiet if he promised to straighten himself out.

But she can’t keep Brody out of trouble any longer when traffic camera footage clearly reveals Mr Morgan in the car, and he’s arrested for suspected vandalism.

Tori is stunned and tells Kat there must be some mistake, but Kat forces the distressed doctor to face up to the fact her brother has been hiding a secret drugs habit that has driven him to committing crimes to fund his next hit.

Confronting beleaguered Brody about his addiction, angry Justin chucks him out of the house. Tori is fuming he’s turned his back on their sibling when he needs them most, and an emotional showdown ensues as Justin defends his actions saying he won’t tolerate drugs with impressionable youngsters Raffy and Ava around.

With the family at odds, Tori finds Brody sleeping rough and begs him to come home, but the chef is shattered by Justin’s attitude and takes shelter at Scarlett’s.

Realising he needs his family, Scarlett comes to the Morgan house and tells them Brody’s hiding out at her place and takes Tori, Mason and Justin to see him. As the brood bicker about whether about what they should do, Mason suggests Brody stay with Scarlett for now to give Brody some space.

Scarlett agrees, and reveals she’s had some experience in dealing with addicts before, but is she taking on too much? And can Brody and his family ever make amends? And is there more to newcomer Scarlett than meets the eye?


Home and Away airs these scenes on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June and airs every weekday on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.