Love Island new boy Mike is aiming to steal Jess from Dom

...but if that doesn't work out Chris and Kem better watch their backs...


Talking to Love Island new boy Mike Thalassitis ahead of his arrival in the villa on Thursday night, it quickly becomes clear that he’s got his eye on one girl in particular – and she’s firmly coupled up…


Semi-professional footballer (and amateur hairdresser) Mike is aware that Jess and Dom are probably the tightest pair in the game (especially after they sealed the deal earlier this week) but he still thinks that if the vibe is right, that could soon change.

Asked which of the girls has taken his fancy, Mike says: “First off Jess – I know she’s with Dom but looks-wise, definitely.

“I’d have to say right now the strongest couple would be Jess and Dom – but I still don’t think they’re that strong…”

And if things don’t work out with Jess, it sounds as if Olivia – now pursuing a romance with man of the hour Chris – could be Mike’s next target. Is Mike confident he can usurp Chris’s position as the most fancied man in the villa?

“Well, I’m hoping so,” says Mike. “I’m pretty confident that could be the case.”  

Should Chris be scared of him arriving in the villa? “Yeah, petrified.”

Ok… Anyone else who should be worried? Well, yes… You see, third on Mike’s hit list is another very solidly coupled-up girl, Kem’s other half Amber. Could he be the one to prise them apart?

“Oh definitely, yeah,” says a confident Chris. “I’d say I prefer a couple more girls in there over Amber but she is nice, she’s a good looking girl.”

So does Mike have a plan for making things happen with Jess or the other girls? He says whatever happens, he’ll be up-front about his intentions.

“I’m a pretty straight-up guy so I’d wait ‘til I get a vibe off the girl before I started treading on anyone’s toes,” he says. “If I felt there was anything there I’d say to the guy ‘Look, we all know the game, it is what it is, we’re all here for the same reason, at the end of the day you’ve still only known each other for a week, I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes but it is what it is’.”

We can’t wait to see whether Dom, Chris and Kem share that philosophy…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV