Hollyoaks: Mercedes discovers Ryan and Kyle’s affair – how will she get revenge?

Ry Ry's sordid secret could be public knowledge pretty soon


The menfolk of Hollyoaks never learn, do they? You do not do the dirty on Mercedes McQueen – and if you do, be prepared to face the consequences… In tonight’s E4 episode, stunned Mercy discovered secret lover Ryan Knight had cheated on her when Kyle Kelly spitefully spilled the beans to the bolshy brunette.


Widower Ryan has been keen to keep his lusty liaisons with another man quiet, but his conquest Kyle does not want to be silenced. DS Knight thought he’d hit the jackpot when he realised Kyle was responsible for the drugs found in Darren Osbourne’s attic, giving him the perfect opportunity to dispatch him from the village.


Meanwhile, Mercedes had received an anonymous message that Ryan had been unfaithful (adding to the complication is the fact Mercy and Ryan are also dating in secret as the randy copper doesn’t want everyone to think he’s moved on so quick from murdered wife Amy). When she confronted Ryan, he told her the ‘woman’ he’d slept with the night Amy died had been harassing him – but privately seethed at Kyle causing him even more problems. 

Setting Kyle up in a sting for drug dealing, Ryan threw him in jail and assumed the details of his double life was safely locked away in the closet.

However, vengeful Kyle then called Mercedes from prison and told her that he was the person Ryan had cheated on her with…


Mercy did not look happy – what will she do with this info? She knows Ryan gave a false alibi to the police for the night of Amy’s murder, so this betrayal could inspire her to tell the cops and put him firmly back in the frame for the killing.

In fact, the lengths Ryan’s gone to keep his deceit under wraps makes you think he had more to do with his late wife’s tragic death than he’s letting on. 

If nothing else, Mercedes is bound to get her own back in typically spectacular fashion. We fear for the future of those sharp suits of his if she gets hold of the scissors…  


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.