First trailer for Frozen spin-off sees Olaf on a festive adventure

Olaf the snowman is on a mission to provide Elsa and Anna with all the Christmas traditions they never had


Anna and Elsa don’t have any Christmas traditions – but in the trailer for a new short film, charming snowman Olaf is determined to make their holiday season memorable by adopting everyone else’s ideas. That includes homemade candy canes, the “corpses” of Christmas trees hung with decorations and strangers breaking into kids’ homes to bring them presents.


Disney short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure builds on the success of worldwide $1.27 billion box office hit Frozen (of “Do you want to build a snowman?” fame).

Set in a snowy winter, it will be attached to cinema screenings of Pixar’s Coco. 

Royal sisters Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) realise that the death of their parents – and Elsa’s years of isolation – have left them with no holiday traditions. The ever-helpful Olaf (Josh Gad) decides to take matters into his own hands, visiting families around the city to learn what they do to celebrate Christmas. 

The film will stretch to 21 minutes and features four new original songs, so you’d better get used to hearing them. It also stars fan favourites Kristoff and his loyal pet reindeer Sven.

The only snag is that, while Coco (and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure) will be in US cinemas in time for Christmas – from 22nd November – Coco isn’t scheduled for release in the UK until 19th January.

That’s a long time for kids to wait for a Christmas film…


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be in cinemas this winter. Frozen 2 is out in 2019