Emmedale airs exit for Rakesh Kotecha – but Priya gets arrested!

Actor Pasha Bonaire's final scenes have been shown


Emmerdale has shown Rakesh Kotecha’s final scenes – the lying lawyer having exited the village after stealing a wad of banknotes from Home Farm.


Rakesh was seen resorting to desperate measures in a bid to escape a prison sentence, but as ever his plans went awry.

Having already been busted for the arson attack on Mill Cottage, Rakesh was determined not to show up for his court hearing, instead opting to get hold of a stack of cash that could fund his escape.

But after his scheme to extort money from Jai backfired, a wild-eyed Rakesh turned his attention to Home Farm where he tried to blackmail Lawrence over his framing of Andy Sugden.

But when they too wouldn’t play ball, Rakesh tried to steal from the safe at the stately home, a move that resulted in a scuffle with Lachlan White that saw the teen punched to the ground.

The trouble was that this particular showdown was witnessed by Priya, who had followed Rakesh to Home Farm, fearing what action he’d end up taking.

In the end, Priya was seen telling Rakesh that he should “go far away and try to be happy” – a plea that resulted in her estranged husband driving off to the sounds of Human by Rag’n’Bone Man, an apt choice seeing as Rakesh has proven himself to be a very flawed human indeed.

But there was more drama to come for Priya in the episode’s closing moments when the police turned up at Home Farm following a call made by Chrissie and Lachlan. Just before the credits rolled, PC Swirling ended up arresting Priya on suspicion of assisting an offender. So will she end up taking the fall for Rakesh’s crimes?

Emmerdale returns tomorrow at 7:00 and 8:00pm.

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