Richard Hammond apologises to his wife as footage emerges of his scary Grand Tour crash

The former Top Gear star managed to escape his supercar before it burst into flames

Richard Hammond has apologised to his wife and daughters following a huge car crash in which his car flipped upside down and exploded into flames.


Alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May, Hammond had been filming scenes for series two of The Grand Tour in Switzerland. His Rimac Concept One crashed after veering downhill, leaving him with a broken leg.

In a video entitled “I’m not dead” posted on Drivetribe from his hospital bed, Hammond, with his leg propped up and supported by a brace, opened with: “Hello, yes it’s true. I’ve binned it. Again.”


He then went on to thank the medics who rescued him by air ambulance, and also James May for smuggling him in a bottle of gin.

Hammond finished off the video with an apology to his family: “And most importantly, sorry to my wife Mindy and my daughters Izzy and Willow. I’m sorry for being such a colossal –––.” James May then helpfully held up a book with the words “idiot brain” on the cover.

Footage has also emerged of the frightening crash, which occurred in a £2 million electric supercar.

James May, who was driving round the track at the time of the crash, has written a powerful account of the near-tragedy. In an article for Drivetribe, he describes the moment he realised that the car burning on the grass was Hammond’s: “I knew, in the blossoming, white-hot ball of pure, sickening horror forming in my heart, that it must be Hammond’s Rimac.”

He also reveals seeing “a pair of marshals dragging a limp body by the wrists,” before adding, “I cannot remember experiencing such a debilitating sense of shock and pure incomprehension as this.”


After the initial shock, though, it has not taken May long to get back to teasing his co-star. He writes that since a small pin is being put into a bone that was broken in Hammond’s knee, “Far from being dead, he’ll actually come home slightly improved over the Brummie original.”