Love Island’s new confident Camilla plays kissing Countdown with a line of boys

And Montana can't resist a dig at some of the less... natural girls


Another day, another challenge at the Love Island villa – and, no, it’s still not building a school for disadvantaged kids or completing a really tough sudoku…


Prepare to have your minds blown because this challenge involves… kissing.

We’re quite liking the purity of this one, though – it doesn’t mess about with running around or guessing secrets but just cuts straight to the chase: basically, the boys stand in a row with blindfolds on, each girl moves down the line snogging them one by one and the boys then judge the ladies’ lip-locking technique.

For some reason, the comparison that comes into Camilla’s head is… Countdown. And judging by her response to the challenge, she must be a big fan of the daytime words and numbers game because, revelling in her new-found confidence, she looks to be having a great time…

Camilla: “I had a lot of fun. It was like some strange version of Countdown.” 

The challenge is also a chance for Montana to have a little dig at some of the less… natural girls, with a comment which does not go unnoticed…

Montana: “I’m sorry but these lips don’t lie, these are real lips.”

Jessica: “Stay away Montana. Montana can literally take a hike.”

Hiking, eh? Maybe that will be the next challenge…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2