Hollyoaks: Zack Loveday in shock accident – or was it an attack?

The teen takes a nasty tumble down the steps


Hollyoaks’ Zack Loveday falls down a flight of stone steps next week and is left fighting for his life. Will he survive? And was it really just an accident? 


The lovesick teenager is pining for ex-lover Leela Lomax, and in this Friday’s E4 episode he considers going to join another of his exes, Sonia Albright, abroad when she gets in touch asking him to visit her in Belgium.

Big sister Lisa is still smarting over Sonia stealing her life by posing as her, then seducing Zack when her true identity was revealed, so she conspires with Tegan to keep her brother away from her nemesis and reunite Zack and Leela. 

What they don’t realise is there’s more to their recent split than anyone knows – as once Louis discovered his son was sleeping with the mother of his secret love child he demanded Leela end the relationship for fear of the truth about baby Daniel being revealed. 

Lisa pleads with Leela to stop Zack leaving the country, and on Monday’s E4 showing she reluctantly agrees to meet with him. 

Despite knowing she’s playing with fire if she were to get back with Zack, the spark is still there between the two and they nearly kiss – only for Leela to clam up again. 


Deflated Zack leaves Leela’s flat but then falls down the steps and is knocked out cold. But there could be more to this little incident than meets the eye, as later next week Leela’s secret stalker, dastardly DS Armstrong, arrives back in the village.

His obsession with Leela drove him to do decidedly dodgy things in the past – could his reappearance have something to do with Zack’s fall? And if not, is Leela in danger from the pervy policeman with Zack out of action?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.