Coronation Street: David chucks Gail out! Here’s what happens next

A furious David sent the Platt matriarch packing in tonight's Corrie double bill


David Platt chucked Gail out of the family home on tonight’s Coronation Street – a move that has left his own mum homeless.


After finding out that Shona Ramsey is the mum of killer Clayton – who was responsible for the murder of Kylie – David became determined to find out who knew the truth about her family history.

As David explained that Shona was the first person to have made him feel happy since Kylie’s death, an on-edge Gail tried to mask her guilt.


But it wasn’t long before David realised with horror that Gail had known for some time that Clayton was Shona’s son.

Furious that Gail had sat back and said nothing while he fell in love with Kylie’s murderer, David told her to pack her bags and get out.

All of which left Gail looking very embarrassed when she couldn’t get back in the house after David made sure that there was a chain across the door.


Not willing to let this one go in a hurry, David was also seen shouting across the street to Eileen and Billy, telling them exactly what Shona had been covering up.

Wednesday’s episode of Corrie will see Audrey doing her best to persuade David to forgive Gail, pointing out that Max and Lily need their grandma. But will David be swayed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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