What time is Jamestown on TV?

Everything you need to know about Sky's new 17th century drama


Your guide to Sky’s new female-led period drama about the first British settlers in America – introducing the cast, the filming location and how you can watch it…


What time is it on TV?

Jamestown continues on Friday 9th June at 9pm on Sky1.

What’s it about?

Jamestown chronicles the struggles of the first women who arrived in Virginia in 1619. They were shipped over as “maids to make wives” for the men who had arrived to grow tobacco twelve years previously and were starved of female company. 

What’s happening in episode six?

Read our spoiler-free review here.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, here you go…

Who’s in the cast?

The drama focusses on three women played by Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle and Niamh Walsh. Meet the full cast here.

Where is it filmed?

It is almost entirely filmed in Hungary – find out how they recreated Jamestown in Eastern Europe and how you can visit the real Jamestown.

What is the real-life history behind the series?

Everything you need to know about the first British settlers in America.

Will there be a second series?


Yes. Sky ordered a second series before the first had even begun.