The Vulture shows off his space machine gun in latest Spider-man trailer

Michael Keaton's bad guy really likes his new toy. Spider-man, less so


With only weeks until Spider-man: Homecoming swings into cinemas, we’ve been given a closer look at the villainous Vulture’s weaponry – and it looks like Tom Holland’s web-head is in trouble.


The latest trailer for the Marvel blockbuster shows Michael Keaton’s baddie out-gadgeting our tech-friendly neighbourhood Spider-man; although it looks like the wall-crawler will be equipped with web grenades, they seem no match for The Vulture’s relentless futuristic purple machine gun.

Sure, vulture-eyed fans spotted the firearm for a brief moment in a previous trailer, but this new sneak-peak confirms it will be the baddie’s weapon of choice.

Our Spidey senses are tingling already.


Spider-man: Homecoming will hit UK cinemas 7th July 2017