Home and Away: Patrick reveals tragic secret from his past

Something very bad happened when he was in the army...


Home and Away hunk Patrick Stanwood has been hiding something ever since he came to Summer Bay, and in upcoming episodes his tragic secret is set to be revealed. 


Ash’s aggressive brother, who faked his death after suffering a breakdown during his time in the army, has been behaving strangely since Ash was granted custody of baby niece Luc. The more he’s around the kid, the worse his post-traumatic stress kicks in – and when Patrick jumps in his car in the middle of an anxiety attack and knocks over Justin Brody’s young daughter Ava, the stressed ex-soldier completely flips.

Despite Ava having survived the accident, Patrick is convinced he’s killed her and thinks he’s back in a war zone.

Worried for his brother’s state of mind, Ash tries to reassure him he’s safe and among friends, and that’s when Patrick opens up about what’s been haunting him for the last few years, triggering the depression that convinced him to fake his death and start a new life as someone else…

Patrick reveals when he was on a tour of Afghanistan, he accidentally shot and killed a little girl. Luc’s constant crying and the accident with Ava sent him into a psychological spin, and he can’t cope any more.

Even after he gets this off his chest, the baby’s presence still freaks Patrick out and later that night he leaves a note for Ash and disappears.

The next morning, Ash tracks Patrick down to the top of a cliff and begs him to come home – he’s just lost little sister Billie, he doesn’t want to lose his brother after finding out he’s still alive after all this time… 

Eventually realising what happened in Afghanistan was an accident, Patrick holds his niece for the first time and agrees with Ash he’ll go to rehab and seek professional help. It looks like he’s finally moving on and making peace with the past… 

But as Patrick leaves town to sort himself out, Ash’s girlfriend Kat is still struggling to get her maternal instincts to kick in towards Luc. It’s obvious she’s not cut out for taking care of a tot, but will she confess to Ash this isn’t what she wants?


Home and Away airs these episodes on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.