Harley Judge says he’s “absolutely gutted” as he becomes first to leave Love Island

After there was no spark with Amber, Harley tells us what went wrong for him in the villa


Harley Judge says he has “no regrets” after being the first singleton to be kicked off Love Island.


As he packed his bags and prepared to jet back to the UK, RadioTimes.com caught up with the bodybuilder to talk about Amber going off with Kem, whether there was really anything between him and Chloe and find out who’s the one person he’d love to see win Love Island…

Hi Harley! How do you feel being the first to leave Love Island?

“Obviously I’m absolutely gutted to be honest. I felt like I was coming into my own these past few days and sort of relaxing and getting comfortable, but at the same time I’m happy for everyone that’s in there. I’m going to miss everyone and the villa vibe and it’s a bit guttering [he did say the word ‘guttering’, and we thought we’d leave it in there] being outside but it’s just one of them things.

“At that precise moment in time there wasn’t anyone really suited to me in the villa and I wasn’t willing to falsely pursue something with someone and hurt them. I was in there looking for someone just as much as everyone else.”

What do you think went wrong? 

“Obviously I had the perfect start. Me and Amber hit it off straight away – she was my first choice, she stepped forward and we coupled up. The first night was a bit intense but it was all natural and it sort of flowed.

“The second day she was having second thoughts, and when you’re in that situation it’s a bit hard to know what to do because I’d only known her for a matter of hours so I didn’t want to keep pressuring her into conversations and taking her away from the group. So I think that was my disadvantage really. When you’re not spending one to one time with each other and you’re just bonding as a group you do float between people.”

Do you feel any anger towards Amber or Kem?

“I don’t, no. Kem is probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, Amber’s got a heart of gold – they’re very well suited and I hope from the conversation I had with Amber I was generally happy for her and him to crack on.”

Amber also told Kem that she’d thought you were too pushy with her. What do you think of that?

“I wouldn’t say I was too pushy because it was 50/50 really. It takes two to tango. She wanted me to hold her hand and she was the one who kissed me in bed so I wouldn’t say that I was too pushy. At any point when she told me to take a step back, I did.

“It’s hard really because how I look at things and how she looks at other things can be two different things. She might have just been saying that to Kem so she didn’t look bad herself. I didn’t feel like I was too pushy. The first night it just flowed and then what happened happened and then after that I gave her her space.” 

Do you regret coupling up with Amber?

“Not at all. When you’re in that situation you are basing it purely on looks and she was the one I was attracted to straight away and she stepped forward as well so that made it easier.

“There was no romantic connection for me with anyone else. Chloe as a person grew on me, her personality is absolutely amazing. It took a few days to actually have a conversation with her because typically on the outside world she wouldn’t be someone I would hang out with. I don’t think I would have coupled up with anybody differently.”

Did Chloe get the wrong impression from you?

“There were a lot of things that were probably interpreted a bit wrong in that evening – like I said, she generally grew on me as a person. The romantic level wasn’t there but when you’re in such a small environment anything can happen and I felt like there was a lot more to her than I actually knew. Chris and Chloe got together so that just shows anything can happen in the villa. I just said what I was feeling at the time – we cleared the air and everything got sorted in the end.”

Would you have done anything differently if you had your time again?

“It’s hard to say really because when you’re in that situation, everything that you do at the time feels right. I could look back and say I have regrets but I don’t and I haven’t. I went in there and I was myself. I hope everybody knows that. I hope people on the outside realise that is me as a person and I was just being myself.”

Who do you think the next person to be kicked out will be?

“I don’t want to see anyone go but you’ve got the weakest links in the group. Like Camilla, Jonny took a little while to adapt to it but yesterday he was coming into his own and he was getting to know people a little bit better.

“There’s no reason why he and Camilla can’t progress onto something more. Camilla is very very quiet and very different from the other characters in there so she can get swallowed up in conversations but everyone loves her in there. I don’t think I could say one name that will be voted off.”

Is there someone that you’d love to see win the show?

“I’d love Marcel to find someone and go on to win because he’s my boy – he’s had my back a lot in there. It took a few days for me to actually get to know him a little bit better because we were in the same situation. After a couple of days and we literally just got on straight away. It’s just a genuine friendship to be honest. For the first three or four days I didn’t know he was part of Blazin’ Squad or anything like that – I found that out by complete random so that shows it was a genuine friendship and it weren’t just someone clinging onto someone famous and popular.”

Is there any part of you at all that’s happy about leaving?

“No. I don’t think there’s a single hair on my body that’s relieved to be out. Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and family and stuff like that but I’d love to still be in there because I feel like I was just coming into my own. I miss them already. You become like a family in there. There’s going to be so many new people who come and go but I just hope none of them forget me. I’d love to go and have a few nights out with the boys and tear stuff up.”

Which couple do you think is the most genuine?

“At this moment in time so early on I don’t think anyone’s loyalties lie with that person. You never know who’s going to walk through the door so things could change at any point. Chloe is just getting to know Chris but whether that’ll go anywhere or not I don’t know. Camilla took a big risk knowing that Jonny fancied Amber but they do have a lot in common. When you’re in such a small environment anything can happen really. Bonds between people grow that wouldn’t normally be made outside of the villa.”


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