Emmerdale: Priya and Pete’s affair begins – here’s what happens next

Are you ready for #Prete?


Tonight’s Emmerdale got very steamy as Priya Kotecha and Pete Barton shared their first kiss, kicking off what promises to be a full-on affair between the dirty Dales duo. 


Fiona Wade teased earlier this week that her character Priya would end up locking lips with her best friend’s man, and that it doesn’t stop at just one smooch. 

Feeling like public enemy number one in the village after husband Rakesh confessed to starting last year’s Mill fire, princess Priya was in a right state and desperate for a heart-to-heart with pal Leyla Harding.

Calling round for a chat, Priya instead found a fed-up Pete on his own having stropped off after a row with Leyla about how he needs to man up and sort the Barton boys’ financial crisis (she thinks Ross and Finn’s drug dealing idea is a goer. He doesn’t…).

In the need to offload himself, Pete tempted Priya with a can of lager and an offer of a friendly ear.

Admitting she felt like a mug for sticking by Rakesh the rat all this time, Pete laid it on the line and told her she could do way better: “You could have anyone…” he rasped, as their eyes locked. “You reckon?” asked Priya.

By this time the sexual tension was positively sizzling and quicker than you could say ‘girl code’ Priya practically leapt on Pete and the pair started getting down to it on the sofa.

A few scenes later it was clear they’d done the deed, and some flirty banter about their heat-of-the-moment hook-up gave way to an overwhelming wave of guilt as Priya left Tug Ghyll and ran straight into an apologetic Rakesh.

Armed with a bunch of flowers (is that the best he can do?!) the slippery lawyer begged his wife to stick by him, and confessed he needed her more than ever. As they embraced, Priya caught Pete’s eye… just as Leyla returned home desperate to make amends with her fella. 

Adding to the awkwardness beyond this terribly tense moment for the foursome is the fact that Priya and Rakesh move in with Leyla and Pete next week. And Prete (as they’re bound to be coined on social media) won’t be able to keep their hands off each other once they’re under the same roof – what does that mean for the future of both couples? It can’t be good.

Looks like there’s going to be a whole lot of cringing in that cottage over the summer…  

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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