Coronation Street: David reacts to Shona’s confession – what happens next?

Shona is forced to leave town following David's tirade


David Platt unleashed a tirade of abuse and anger at Shona Ramsey in tonight’s Coronation Street, after she finally came clean to being the mother of Clayton Hibbs, killer of David’s late wife Kylie. 


Shona had kept quiet about her link to the horrific knife crime that tore the Platts apart last year, but admitted everything to David when he saw her at Kylie’s grave. A few days before they shared a kiss in hospital, following her attack organised by sleazy ex Nathan Curtis, and it was her growing feelings for the widow that pushed Shona into confessing.

Unsurprisingly, David was devastated and raged at Shona, blaming her for destroying his life by giving birth to the man who murdered the mother of his kids (who were waiting over at their dead parent’s headstone while this almighty row was going on, probably wondering what on earth was happening…). 

As David accused Shona of deliberately worming her way into his life to cause him more pain, the cafe worker tried to defend herself by explaining she wanted to make amends for her son’s behaviour by befriending the family.

The big complication, of course, has come from David and Shona unexpectedly falling for each other – but now it seems certain the would-be romance is over before its even begun.

Begging forgiveness and telling David how much she hated what her son had done wasn’t enough to stop the grieving hairdresser demanding Ms Ramsey leave Weatherfield. The fuming father told Shona if she hung around it would only end up reminding Max and Lily of the day their mum was murdered once they learnt the truth…

Shattered Shona stormed off after the intense cemetery showdown, but what does this mean for her future on the cobbles?

In Monday’s episode, Eileen and Billy receive a text from their lodger telling them she’s left town for a fresh start. Knowing how close she’d grown to David, they beg him to try calling her which leads him to open up to Gail about how Shona was the first person to make him happy since losing Kylie.

Gail tries to cover her guilt, but surely it can’t be too long before her son discovers that she knew Shona’s secret for months… Considering his reaction at tonight’s bombshell, how would he feel about his mum’s betrayal? And with Sarah desperate to have her talk sense into Bethany about Nathan’s true colours, have we really seen the last of Shona?      

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