Coronation Street: Daniel forces Denise to leave Weatherfield – what happens next?

That's the end of the touching mother and son reunion - for now...


Denise Osbourne has left Coronation Street – just one week after her shock return.


In the second of tonight’s double bill, Denise had an intensely emotional showdown with the son she abandoned seven years ago, despite the fact they had only just reunited.

The estranged parent made a surprise appearance in Weatherfield as it was revealed disturbed Daniel was responsible for the attack on dad Ken Barlow. As the extent of Daniel’s deep-rooted issues became clear, Ken and Denise realised their son’s fractured upbringing was partly to blame for his actions so agreed to cover up the crime and convinced the rest of the family to do the same.

Daniel seemed close to forgiving his mum for suffering a breakdown and walking out on him when he was just 15, but a conversation overheard between Denise and the Nazirs tonight wrecked any goodwill that had been built up.

Talking to Zeedan and Rana about how much she loved her travelling days, and how happy she was when she had no responsibilities or commitments, motormouth Denise didn’t realise her son was standing right behind her.

Feeling even more rejected than ever, Daniel refused to forgive his mother despite her pleas that he misunderstood what she’d said and he demanded she leave.

Honouring his wishes, guilty Denise got into a cab and bumped into Ken as she was about to depart the cobbles. Shocked at her decision, Mr Barlow berated his ex and insist she stay and fight to win their son over – but she explained this was not the time to make fragile Daniel fight. Instead, she’d stay away for now but be ready when he eventually finds it in his heart to forgive her…

Whether that day will ever come, and whether we’ll ever see Denise again, is currently unclear – but what we do know is that things are going to get much worse for distressed Daniel.

Corrie have revealed that he will be driven to a drugs overdose in next week’s episodes, after recent events take their toll. He’ll be fighting for his life – so will he regret turning his mother away?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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