Blazin’ Squad streams on Spotify are up 2500% thanks to Love Island

See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads…


In case you didn’t know, god forbid, Love Island contestant Marcel Somerville was in Blazin’ Squad – and now everyone is reliving the 2000s and playing their music again.


Remember Blazin’ Squad? The noughties boy band responsible for killing the Bone Thugs N Harmony hit Crossroads? Well, Marcel was in it. But he doesn’t really like to mention it. He doesn’t want to gloat. But when he does bring it up, he calls it “the” Blazin’ Squad, for reasons not entirely clear.  

Since Marcel – or Rocky B/Plat’num, to use his rapper names – revealed he was in the Squad, the band’s streams on Spotify have risen by 2,500%. Crossroads has been streamed the most.


Could a reunion be on the cards? For now, here’s a throwback video featuring Marcel as a teenage rapper…