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Election 2017


9:55pm, BBC1


The country might look very different to the way it did during the last general election, but not much has changed on TV in two years. BBC linchpin David Dimbleby is still in place to helm his tenth GE special, having indicated in 2015 – when he thought the next one wouldn’t be until 2020 – that he’d done his last all-nighter and would hand over his giant desk and stash of Mars bars to Huw Edwards. Jeremy Vine is also back to gambol left and right across an elaborately conceptual swingometer, while Emily Maitlis and Mishal Husain offer further analysis, wizard psephologist John Curtice maps the new landscape, and political editor Laura Kuenssberg funnels gossip from her Westminster contacts.

Kat and Alfie: Redwater

8:00pm, BBC1


You can see why Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie didn’t insist on top billing when it came to the Redwater opening titles: as the series progresses, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this is really Dermott’s story. Every time he appears on screen, you’re wondering whose demise he’s going to orchestrate next, especially whenever he’s near any water (exec producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has always had a thing about the murky depths – see Shirley, Mick and Dean on EastEnders for further details). 

As for Kat and Alfie – well, they’re relegated to being supporting players in tonight’s episode, though I have a suspicion that Alfie will be the one to eventually work out that the village priest has bad blood in his veins.


9:00pm, BBC2


“If they told me it was legal and I could have an hour in a room with that guy … I wouldn’t need him chained up, I’d f*****g kill him!” said Paula in last week’s episode. Yet (spoiler alert) despite firing a gun ten times in a restaurant loo, she didn’t kill anyone.

In the conclusion of Conor McPherson’s chaotic thriller, rat-killing handyman James has been apprehended, so you might think that’s the end of the strange noises, creepy hallucinations, violent shocks and general weirdness. But Mac is digging deeper and discovers a heap of other “bad stuff” going back 20 years. You’ll never want to go into a cellar again.

Rome’s Lost Empire



Dan Snow pairs with American space archaeologist Sarah Parcak for a breathless historical quest, first shown in 2012. Satellite imagery helps solve myriad mysteries about the Romans: starting with small, everyday questions about how they ruled, and building to a big reveal.


10:00pm-12 midnight, Syfy



In this sci-fi thriller, six strangers wake up to find themselves in a 14ft by 14ft cube. When they try to get out they find they are snared in a seemingly endless maze of interlocking cubicles armed with lethal booby traps. How did they get there? Why have they been incarcerated? Director Vincenzo Natali’s extraordinary debut feature takes a unique idea and milks its potential to the maximum with panache and visual dexterity. Genuinely creepy and gory, with the discernible influence of David Cronenberg, this puzzler is awash with bold ideas and unsettling tension.