Twitter has a field day after Theresa May admits the “naughtiest thing” she’s ever done

Don't get too excited...


We’re only one day away from the 2017 General Election, and Theresa May is no closer to convincing the people of Britain that she is a real human being. A clip of the Prime Minister’s interview with ITV’s Tonight Programme, in which she admits the “naughtiest thing” she has ever done, has gone viral. Spoiler alert: it’s not very naughty. 


We don’t doubt that for a second. But, of course, the funniest observations came from the general population of Twitter.

Other users commented on the fact that this had presented the politician with an opportunity to connect with the people, to show that she had once lived a normal life. Sadly, not many people in 2017 relate to fields of wheat. 


This comes less than a week after her opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was heralded on social media for eating a Pringle handed to him by a supporter after the BBC election debate last Wednesday. Welcome to politics in 2017, ladies and gentlemen.