When you hear what the Love Island boys have to say about women you’ll wonder if it’s really 2017

“I think at the end of the day she’s probably just saying no… but it’s probably yes..."


Now obviously we know that Love Island is unlikely to ever be described as a socially progressive programme that furthers gender equality and promotes feminism.


But even with that in mind, we were bloody shocked when we heard what some of the boys had to say about women when we met them in Mallorca. They spoke about how a woman saying no to sex actually probably means yes (this is so awful we don’t know where to begin) and how a girl would be “frigid” if they didn’t want to shag on TV. Seriously.

During our interviews we were left speechless at some of the stuff they came out with. Here’s what they said in their own words:

Kem Cetinay

“I always find it really attractive when I go to sleep with a girl and she says ‘no I want to wait’. It makes me like them even more. If she slept with me straight away I’d just think she was a little bit of a slut.

“I wouldn’t go off her instantly but I’d just feel like if she has respect for herself… if I was a girl, I wouldn’t sleep with someone straight away, I’d make them wait so they know that you’re a nice girl.

“But [I don’t want to wait] too long obviously. Probably like a week? We’re in there a long time – one week is like a month really isn’t it.

“I’m not being funny, if she makes me wait three weeks she’s going to be proper frigid. Why would you go on this show and then make someone wait three weeks? It’s a long time. It’s basically half the show.”

And if the girls didn’t want to have sex on TV at all?

“I think at the end of the day she’s probably just saying no… but it’s probably yes. She probably wants to but she just needs a little bit of encouragement. She’s probably just nervous and shy for a girl. If I had a daughter and she was going on here I’d be a lot more nervous than for a boy. For them it’s a big deal.

“I don’t know why but it’s just different for a girl. They just get judged differently. With a boy it’s fine.”

Dominic Lever

Would you lose respect for a girl if she slept with you pretty quickly?

“I don’t know because in this situation I could end up being with that girl throughout it. But on the outside, 100%. If you sleep with a girl on a one night stand, there’s no chase.

“And I know it sounds weird but you like the chase, you like to work for it. If I date more than one person at once I don’t really tell them. I text quite a few people at one time but I’d never sleep with two people at the same time.”

Sam Gowland

“If I go out and sleep with them on the first night, I don’t see them again.

“If someone sleeps with me straight away, I don’t like it. I’d rather they make me wait because then you know they’re not doing that every other week with someone else. That’s what I like. I wouldn’t like someone who put out straight away because then you think ‘that was easy’.

“Maybe I’d see them again depending on if I got on with them or not but I wouldn’t get in a relationship with them. [I want] someone who’s not going to be easy.”


Those lucky, lucky girls…