Viewers aren’t impressed with reality stars appearing on ‘civilian’ Big Brother

They took to Twitter to blast a line-up with ‘more forgotten Z list reality stars’ than Celebrity Big Brother


Big Brother appears to have abandoned its ‘take some every day people off the street and lock them up in a house with cameras’ ethos by casting a number of reality TV stars as housemates.


It’s safe to say Big Brother fans are NOT happy about it.

As the line-up – featuring Ex on The Beach and Ibiza Weekender stars – was revealed, viewers began scratching their heads.

Some weren’t sure what show they were watching.

Others thought it all a little too familiar.

And when some housemates revealed they’d actually been approached to appear on the show rather than applying, there was sheer exasperation.

It was all just too much for some, who longed for the Big Brother of old. The days of Craig, Anna and Nasty Nick seemed like a long forgotten dream.

RIP Ye Olde Civilian Big Brother.

We hardly knew ye – but we’ll never ever ever forget you and the Welsh man who learned to boil an egg during his time in the house.


All together now… AUUUUUUM!