Love Island preview: What to expect from series 3 of the ITV2 show

We’ve met all the contestants, we’ve spoken to Caroline Flack and we’ve seen the villa


The suncream’s on standby, the cocktails are on ice and the condoms are scattered around the house in little trays.


Love Island is back with a brand new line-up and a brand new villa, and was lucky enough to head into rural Mallorca to have a peek at the new pad before the show starts this week.

Caroline Flack gave us a tour of the new abode and we sat down to meet every contestant and discovered what to expect in series three. Here’s what we found out:

A bigger – and better – villa

As you can tell from the pictures, the essence of Love Island’s villa from series two has very much been packed up and put into this brand new pad.

Everything just looks, well, that bit better. It’s glossier, more fun and feels more like a place you’d want to book a holiday to.


Firstly, there’s plenty of old stuff making a return outdoors: The snug for chats around the fire pit at night, the smoking area, hot tub, the breakup bench, the day beds, an as yet understocked kitchen and an outdoor gym (with a piece of equipment that looks a bit too 50 Shades for our liking).


New bits include a cocktail bar and an infinity pool – but we’ll come to that later.

It’s hard to believe looking at it, but aside from the infinity pool the whole décor inside and out at the Love Island villa has been constructed and decorated in just four weeks.


There are also 72 cameras around the villa (with 10 in the bedroom) – which is three more than the 69 that were positioned around the place last year. Indoors, the beach hut is back (with a hilarious sign that tells the islanders precisely where to look when they’re having a gossip).


There are six beds in the main bedroom (which doesn’t have a door) and a huge bathroom (which doesn’t have a wall). 


That bit above the bath and the word ‘Bubbles’ written in neon orange? It might look like a mirror, but that’s just a hole into the corridor. 


There’s also the dressing room, living room and a return of the Hideaway. This is the only place in the villa where couples can be afforded some proper privacy and even has a minibar fridge, its own outdoor terrace and so much gold that even Midas might think the whole thing a bit too garish.


A smaller – but better – swimming pool

Did you notice that during the last series of Love Island that huge, beautiful pool was rarely used?

Here it is:


Well apparently that’s because they had the ultimate first world problem: their pool was SO big that due to it being unheated it was just freezing cold. 

Now that’s all set to change with this villa’s stunning, smaller and heated infinity pool. We didn’t quite go so far as to have a swim but we at least put our hand in to test the water temperature (all in the name of journalism) and we can confirm that it is indeed warm.

Here it is:


The pool also has so-called ‘rail cam’, and executive producer of the show Sarah Tyekiff explained to us that it will scoot along and get tracking shots of the contestants when they’re having a dip in the pool.

Bring on the trunks!

A lot of name-dropping

When it comes to the boys and girls going into the villa, many of them already have minor claims to fame which almost certainly means we can expect some famous names being left on the floor alongside the pants and bras.

Camilla Thurlow reportedly had a little dalliance with Prince Harry three years ago (although we’re not quite sure she’ll be up for discussing this) and Montana Brown revealed that she used to date Manchester United goalkeeper Kieran O’Hara, plus was recently a body double in upcoming Liam Neeson film The Commuter.


Meanwhile Marcel Somerville used to be in Blazin’ Squad and says he still gets recognised when he’s out and about, Sam Gowland lives down the road from – and is mates with – Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and Chloe Crowhurst reportedly used to date TOWIE’s Jon Clark (although we have absolutely no idea what’s going on with this…).

Even more loving than last time

Nope, Ofcom sniffing around that whole Emma and Terry stuff last year has done nothing to dampen the sexy spirit of Love Island.

“There can always be more sex,” Caroline Flack told and other press in Mallorca. “I know it sounds silly, but we’re not about the sex. We only show sex in the programme if it’s relative to the storyline, so we’re always following a story. 

“We’re always following a relationship so the sex will come within the storyline. But it’s not gratuitous and we don’t put it on there for people to go ‘oh look there’s a willy.’


“I mean, it doesn’t bother me watching it,” she continued. “I’m not very prudish when it comes to that sort of thing. It doesn’t really offend me. I think sex is quite natural, but if you don’t like watching it, don’t watch it. If you do like watching it, tune in!”

Contestant Sam told us he actually wanted to be the first in the house to have sex on the show this year and Kem says he thinks he’d be nervous “the first time” but “you’ve got to do it at the end of the day.

“I can’t not sleep with her,” he reasoned. “First night in it’s probably going to happen.”

Olivia told us that although her goal in life isn’t to have sex on camera (that’s a relief!) she does say that “it’s going to happen if you couple up with someone” but that she wants to “keep it under the duvet”.

We hope Ofcom are ready for this.

…but also a lot of fighting

There have already been spats going on before one episode of Love Island has even started involving Chloe Crowhurst and Jon Clark, but it looks like we can expect a lot more fireworks in the villa between the boys and girls.


Jessica said she “can’t stand people with bad manners” and that she can get “quite condescending” with people and blank them, while Montana has said that “World War Three” will kick off if someone crosses her. “I will honestly go off on one,” she told us.

Meanwhile Olivia says that “boys are pathological liars – programmed at birth” (crikey!) and that her temper is “quite bad” and that if she feels like she’s been put in a corner she’ll “fight back”.

A brand new spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun

“We’re trying not to do too much of a spin-off show because we’re not reacting to what’s happening every night,” Caroline told us. “It’s more of an extra show of guests and games and chat and relationship experts.”

And she already has an amazing idea for a game to play on the show, which will air on Sunday night with Caroline jetting back to the UK once a week to host the studio show before flying back out to Mallorca again.


“I like the idea of doing a game to do with noises,” she explained. “I want to do a game called ‘Work out or make out?’ and you have to guess whether it’s a workout noise or a make out noise.”

We reckon it’s going to be a good summer!


Love Island stars on Monday June 5 at 9pm on ITV2