Love Island episode one sees a first kiss, details of Montana and Jessica’s shared past and Marcel dropping a Blazin’ Squad chat up line

That didn't take long...


Two girls dating the same man is all par for the course on Love Island.


What’s a bit more unusual is for it to have happened yonks ago off-screen. There’s a bit of a shock for two of the islanders in tonight’s opening episode of Love Island when Montana Brown and Jessica Shears come face-to-face and realise that they’ve previously dated the same man.

If that’s not awkward enough, Chloe Crowhurst also recognises islander Kem Cetinay as one of her former conquests is his mate!


Montana Brown

After Montana realises just who Jessica is, she heads up to the Beach Hut. “I’m not sure if now’s the best time for me to speak to her about it,” she says. “I don’t really want to bring up that me and her saw the same guy around the same time.”

But Jessica was hot on her heels. “As soon as I saw Montana I recognised her and I was like ‘oh my God, as if’” she says. “Of all the people in the world, me and her are in here together.”

The pair (almost) manage to smooth things over after they discuss the situation and realise their shared ex had overlapped relationships with the pair of them.

Jessica says: “It’s good talking to her about it because it’s nice to see her point of view but at the same time it’s a bit of a revelation because I didn’t realise they were properly dating.


Montana and Jessica realise how much they have in common

“Part of me is like ‘I got there first with this guy that me and Montana were both sort of texting at the same time.’ I know I was there first. So part of me does think ‘I was there first and you sort of got in the way’ so I don’t know how vindictive I’m feeling yet. I feel like I owe her no loyalties.”

Oh dear. Well there also isn’t much love lost between Chloe and Kem after she mutters “Oh my God! I know him,” as the Essex hairdresser is making his way over to the group of single girls.

“I already know her briefly,” confesses Kem. “She slept with one of my best mates, my closest mate. He probably wouldn’t care, I know it wasn’t anything serious.”

Oh dear. Small world, eh?

Meanwhile, the villa also sees its first kiss tonight between one couple – although we’ll have to wait and see who it is. We get the feeling it won’t be Marcel Somerville and Olivia Attwood.

Not that he likes to go on about it (ahem) but the 31-year-old musician is a former member of Blazin’ Squad.

In his welcome speech to the group, Marcel makes us cringe and wither as he describes the fire as “blazin’ hot”.

Sadly for him, no-one picks up on his past going by that cheeky comment, so he tries again later on with Olivia telling her that he used to be in the band. She, however, is just a bit confused.


Marcel attempts to use his claim to fame to chat up Olivia

“I feel like I was really young when Blazin’ Squad was a thing,” she says. “I was trying to remember. When I think of Blazin’ Squad I always think of that song ’21 Seconds To Go.’ What’s that band?”

That’d be So Solid Crew. Oops.

Well undeterred, Marcel goes all guns blazin’ for a third time as he tries his luck with Jessica in the hope of impressing her.


But it’s Jessica who is finally won over by his Blazin’ history

“The reaction to my Squad news…she was a bit more excited about that than Olivia was,” he says. “We’ve got quite a good rapport going.”

Wonder if he’ll be seeing her at the Crossroads for a cheeky midnight rendezvous?


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2