5 things we did NOT expect to see in the Love Island villa that no one else will tell you about

Yes, a mouse trap is actually one of them


There’s plenty of stuff you’d expect to find in the Love Island villa – an infinity pool, double beds just that bit too close together and hefty amounts of deceit and testosterone. But there are some things you just don’t bank on encountering…


When RadioTimes.com got a very nosy first-look tour around the villa just a few days before the islanders moved in, we had a really good poke around to show you the bits that the glossy promotional photos – and the cameras – are unlikely to.

Here are five things we spotted:

1. A mouse trap

Up the stairs and through the dressing room was a small terrace with a stunning view. But it wasn’t the vistas of rural Mallorca that caught our attention (although they were pretty impressive too):

It was this little black mouse trap just by the door, which could be a metaphorical or emblematic nod towards weeding out any love rats in the villa. Or, more likely, it could be a bit of pest control.

The producers also told us that there are cleaners who pop into the villa to tidy up from time to time. They have previously had to have a word or two with former contestants about their untidiness, giving them a ticking off about being gross. Although we can’t really blame them if these are all the cleaning products they’re given, as pictured in the kitchen cupboard…

2. A TON of Superdrug products

OK, OK. We know Superdrug sponsor the show and everything but it was hilarious just how many products had managed to find their way into the villa.

Outside by the daybeds, they had three different types of sun lotion and three different varieties of aftersun, just accidentally-on-purpose left there.

While inside the bathroom, there was branded shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, more aftersun, deodorant, hairspray, face wipes. The only things that weren’t Superdrug’s own were the condoms, but we’ll come back to that later.

Pretty much everything at the villa was pristine and looked as though it hadn’t been touched. Well, almost. We reckon someone’s been having a few showers already – just check out how much shower gel has been used:

Suppose someone’s got to take the facilities for a test wash.

3. Half-eaten cereal…and not much else in the kitchen

We’re hoping that the producers haven’t yet done a run to the supermercado, because the islanders will be having some very odd dinners at the villa otherwise.

The fridge was empty apart from a bottle of water, and we looked in every cupboard in the kitchen (we really did) and this was pretty much the sum of its parts: tea, cereals, coffee, sugar, honey, jam, marmalade, two types of pasta and HP sauce. We’re not even sure what Heston Blumenthal could create with that Ready, Steady, Cook shopping basket.

Similarly to the shower gel and shampoo, we were amused (and slightly baffled by) the fact that so much cereal has already been eaten. The cornflakes in that pink container have been all but done away with! Maybe they need more mouse traps scattered around the place?

4. So many shipping containers, portacabins and wires

If you thought that filming Love Island involved nothing more than rigging a house with cameras (72 cameras in total this series, FYI) and popping a production van or two outside to edit everything, you’d be wrong. 

The operation is absolutely huge – and far bigger than you’d expect. A few miles away from the villa is the base unit with catering vans, tents, portacabins and portaloos and contestant holding trucks as far as the eye can see:

This was only about a fifth of the production’s base! Then, on a very narrow, very rocky drive up to the villa you pass security, shipping containers, more cabins and miles and miles of electrical cables.

And although the fixed rig cameras dotted inside and out are quite subtle, we did spot a fair few boom microphones nestled in the trees like 1984-esque birds:

You don’t need to be Bill Oddie to spot that.

5. The back of this condom packet

Bowls of Love Island-branded condoms were scattered around the house for if and (let’s be honest) when the islanders want to get it on with one another.

Although there are some nice, glossy publicity pictures of the Love Island logo on the packet, what you’re less likely to see is what’s written on the back.

Firstly, as you can see, the instructions for use on the back are hilariously detailed (we don’t think the contestants will be spending too much time reading this).

Even more amusingly, they’re from a company called Kissy Bang Bang. We gave them a Google and looked at their website (so you don’t have to) and they specialise in ‘funny condoms’ – you can create your own designs for the packet (question: why?) and even more bizarrely you can buy ones that have Lionel Ritchie’s face on with the caption ‘All night long’. Somehow we doubt that’s an official endorsement.


Love Island starts Monday June 5 at 9pm on ITV2.