Neighbours: disaster strikes for the Rebecchi family next week

Dreams are shattered for the Erinsborough clan…


Neighbours has been packed with drama in recent weeks, what with Sonya’s meltdown causing the hostel crash, Paige almost losing her baby and Finn’s evil scheming against Susan – but that’s nothing compared to the shocks in store for the Rebecchi family and their lawnmower crisis. Yes, you read that correctly…


Mishti Sharma asks marketing whizz Aaron Brennan to help brother-in-law Shane get his solar-powered remote controlled mower invention (which Aaron niftily dubs ‘the Rolli’) to be Australia’s next big retail sensation so he can raise cash to pay back the loan for the café.


Quicker than you can say ‘Dragon’s Den’, Aaron and the clan put their heads together to come up with a plan for entrepreneurial Shane to make his millions from the mower.

Gathering for a demo of the piece of kit in action down by Lassiters lake, Aaron and the Rebecchis are full of enthusiasm as they navigate the Rolli to show off what it can do – but they’re a bit overzealous with the remote and the mower ends up in the water…


Thinking the machine is a failure, Shane is shattered and feels he’s let his family down and wasted too much time pursuing his dream of making his lawnmower a success. Has his big dream been destroyed?

And you thought Dee coming back from the dead was dramatic…


Neighbours airs these scens on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.