Home and Away: Zac MacGuire in dramatic roof plunge – will he die?

After drunkenly declaring his love for Leah, the teacher takes a tumble


Heartbroken Home and Away hunk Zac MacGuire fights for his life in upcoming episodes when he plummets from a rooftop and is knocked unconscious.


Hitting the bottle hard as he attempts to come to terms with his upcoming divorce from wife Leah, Zac takes a ton of tinnies round to mate Nate’s with the intention of getting trashed and drowning his sorrows. 

Full of Dutch courage, Zac decides it would be a great idea to give Leah a piece of his mind over her unreasonable demand for a divorce so he heads over to see her. 

Leah and Roo get a big shock when they arrive home to find sozzled Zac on the roof – in his inebriated state, he climbed up there when he realised no one was home (as you do).

Realising just how drunk he is, Leah begs Zac to climb back down to safety only to be stunned by her husband suddenly pouring his heart out and begging her for another chance. 

Just when it looks like Leah might be seriously considering it, wobbly Zac slips and falls and is knocked unconscious on the ground below. 

Rushed into emergency surgery to treat a subdural haematoma at the hospital, Leah and stepson Hunter are relieved when Dr Tori reveals Mr MacGuire should make a full recovery.

In an emotional chat after his brush with death, Leah and Zac clear the air but she decides that ultimately they’re better off as friends – it’s well and truly over.

Devastated at the final nail in the coffin for his marriage, Zac is comforted by Hunter as he mourns the collapse of his relationship with Leah and reminisces about what could’ve been with Hunter’s late mum Charlotte.

But as father and son talk, and Zac reveals the details of his and Charlotte’s original break up at Christmas time, Hunter is puzzled as he recalls being told by his mum he was a New Year baby…

Later offloading to best mate VJ, Hunter faces a shocking possibility – Zac might not be his biological father!


Home and Away airs these scenes on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.