The new Big Brother house could not be more quintessentially British

The new housemates will have a tearoom! We repeat: a TEAROOM!


Big Brother is back and this year’s contestants are in for a treat: new photos reveal the house has been transformed into the UK’s “best village”. And it looks Queen-eating-a-bacon-butty-in-the-shape-of-a-Blue-Peter-badge levels of British.


That means housemates will be treated to a variety of quaint shops, a plant-packed living room and a bandstand patio on the lawn.

The housemates have even been given an afternoon tearoom to scoff on scones!

It’s all looks rather nice. A tad too nice. Remember, Channel 5 ominously announced that the series would be “a very British summer of contrasts, conflicts and collaboration”. If they’re truly gearing the housemates towards arguments in such a homely abode then some sort of twist probably lies afoot. And it’s probably going to make all of them ruddy antagonistic.

We can’t wait.


Host Emma Willis will launch Big Brother on Channel 5 in June