Coronation Street: romance for Craig and Bethany? “He adores her,” says show boss

"I think Craig is going to help her. They've got a strong friendship," adds Lucy Fallon


Craig Tinker looks set to become Bethany Platt’s saviour in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street.


Corrie fans have already seen special constable Craig piece together evidence of groomer Nathan Curtis’s guilt, while also saving the life of Shona Ramsey following her beating by the evil pimp’s hired thugs.

Now, actress Lucy Fallon has hinted that Bethany’s bond with Craig could help her through her darkest hours: “It’s a really long process for Bethany. She’s never going to get over what happened to her, so it’s long process to get back to normality. But I think Craig is going to help her. They’ve got a strong friendship.”

Show boss Kate Oates added: “He adores her.”

Recent episodes have also revealed that Craig’s boss on the police force is Nathan’s co-conspirator Neil, the first man with whom Bethany was coerced into sleeping.

Addressing concerns that the police twist could deter real-life victims from coming forward, producer Oates said: “As this storyline progresses, you’ll see that the police who support victims and survivors of this kind of abuse are – in the main – brilliant, highly trained, compassionate professionals who will work very hard to get justice.

“This particular story is split, really. There’s the social and political side. And a dramatic side. And that twist was very much on the dramatic side of things.

“It’s a challenge for a producer. You have to think, ‘do I want to show the police – who are in a position of authority – as having a bad apple in the barrel?’ You could think the same about doctors, nurses, fireman… anyone who does a brilliant job generally that society relies upon.

“I think you have to balance it by showing that, in the main, overwhelmingly everyone else is in the profession is caring and compassionate.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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