Caroline Flack rules out taking Love Island back to its roots with a celebrity version of the show

And she does *not* want to see TOWIE’s Jon Clark go into the show…


It’s not often that a reality show begins by starring celebrities and then changes to featuring civilians, but that’s exactly what happened with Love Island.


After originally featuring celebs in 2005 (Paul Danan!), presenter Caroline Flack has decided she doesn’t want to see the show go back to its roots with a star-studded special.

“No, I don’t think I would,” said Caroline when asked by and other press whether she’d want to see a new celebrity version happen.

“It’s a real rarity with this show that I think it’s better with people you don’t know because you get to know them and it makes the relationships more real. Everything’s a bit more real. It is the core reality show and so I think it’s better with people we don’t know.”

Meanwhile Love Island caused more palava than getting into a shower with sunburn last year when scenes aired showing Emma and Terry having sex in a room full of contestants. Heck, it even prompted a probe from Ofcom.

Yet despite that, Caroline reckons more is actually more when it comes to the islanders getting hot and steamy.

Asked whether she thought there would be even more romping on the show than last year, she said: “I think there can always be more sex. I know it sounds silly, but we’re not about the sex. We only show sex in the programme if it’s relative to the storyline, so we’re always following a story.

“We’re always following a relationship so the sex will come within the storyline. But it’s not gratuitous and we don’t put it on there for people to go ‘Oh look there’s a willy.'”

There’s already been a lot of talk about whether TOWIE star Jon Clark could be heading onto the ITV2 show after the former islander has even tweeted ITV asking to be put in there with his former (or current – depending on who you believe) flame Chloe Crowhurst.

But Caroline isn’t keen.

“In theory I’m sure people would love to see that happen, but I think we see the show as – each series is different. I don’t think we’d put people back in. It’s been so good making these news stories each time. Going backwards is never the best step to take.”

What is brand new this year is the companion show Love Island: Aftersun, which will also be hosted by Caroline as she jets back to the UK once a week to front the studio show.

“We’re trying not to do too much of a spin-off show because we’re not reacting to what’s happening every night,” she said. “It’s more of an extra show of guests and games and chat and relationship experts.”

And she already has an amazing idea for a game to play on the show.

“I like the idea of doing a game to do with noises,” she explained. “I want to do a game called ‘work out or make out?’ and you have to guess whether it’s a workout noise or a make out noise.”

Even if that doesn’t make the cut, we know we’ll be playing along while watching at home. 


Love Island begins on Monday June 5 at 9pm on ITV2