After things didn’t work out with Liam Neeson and refusing to date Stephen Bear, Montana Brown is headed for Love Island

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Liam Neeson and Love Island aren’t two things we thought we’d ever see in a sentence together.


After working with the Taken actor on a film and failing to get further than a hello, student Montana Brown is now heading to the ITV2 show looking for love.

“I was a body double for a Liam Neeson film that’s coming out this year,” Montana told and other press. “It’s called The Commuter and I was a body double for the main girl – [Clique actress] Ella-Rae Smith.

“It was a little bit stunty, most of the time it was hand doubling and body doubling – standing in, stuff like that. I had to wear this horrible wig though. It was really fun and you meet so many people – and Liam was so nice.”

Just drop that in there…

“I was full-on following him around and trying to accidentally bump into him,” she added. “I’d be like ‘Oh so sorry, how’re you? I’m Montana’. It didn’t work out that way at all!”

Never mind, Montana. Maybe Liam popping up can be one of the bombshells that Caroline Flack drops on the villa this series?

The 21-year-old economics student hasn’t had much luck with other famous sorts either – she previously dated a Manchester United footballer called Kieran (possibly O’Hara, but the jury’s still out. She was very coy about the surname…) and narrowly avoided going on dates with Stephen Bear and Joey Essex.

“I was going to go on Celebs Go Dating,” she told us. “And they were like ‘Please go on a date with Bear’ and I was like ‘Absolutely not’. If I’m going to go on TV, I’m not going to go on a date with Bear – he’s hideous.

“Then they were like ‘Joey?’ And I was said ‘no’, and so I just didn’t go through with it because I know, I could tell you now before even going on it, I wouldn’t go for them. Ever.”

Montana also revealed that she was supposed to go onto Love Island last year but had to pull out because of university commitments. But now, she’s got her chance and she’s looking for love.

“If I come out with a fling I’ll be so annoyed,” she said. “All this effort for a fling?! I could’ve got one on Magaluf beach!”


Love Island starts at 9pm on Monday June 5 on ITV2