Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst hits back at TOWIE star Jon Clark’s relationship accusations: “The bottom line is I’m single”

It's all kicking off on Love Island... and the contestants aren't even at the villa yet


The Love Island lot haven’t even got to the villa yet, but that hasn’t stopped everything from already Kicking. Off.


Contestant Chloe Crowhurst has had her say, hitting back at her supposed boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) Jon Clark in a chat with and other press. And now we’re even more confused than before.

To recap (trust us, we’ve tried to keep this short…) former Love Island and current The Only Way Is Essex cast member Jon lashed out at Chloe on Twitter and Instagram this week, branding her an “evil bitch”. According to Jon, the pair were very much an item – and news that Chloe was heading out to the ITV2 show came as a huge shock.

Writing on Instagram, Jon claimed that he and Chloe had dated for seven months, lived together for the past six months (that was fast, no?) and that she even “came and picked a puppy up with me last week”. We don’t think that’s a euphemism.

“She is totally fraud!” he wrote. “She didn’t even break up with me just her phone went off and her mum said she dropped it down the toilet!”

Well, Chloe’s now had her say. Speaking to and other press in Mallorca ahead of the new series, Chloe said: “Everyone’s going to see me on the island for me, they’re not going to think I’m an evil bitch.

“To be honest I don’t really have much to say,” she added when asked to explain what went wrong between the pair.

“We broke up a few months ago. Obviously when you’ve got an ex-boyfriend you never have full contact. It is really difficult. I’ve seen him out and stuff, having a few drunk texts and stuff like that, but at the end of the day I’m still single – so the bottom line is I’m single.”

Got that? She’s single. See – she said it twice.

But if you still weren’t sure, later on she told us that they had “broken up, 100%”.

On whether she might’ve led Jon on at any point, Chloe said: “Some people read into things different from what other people do – if he thought I was leading him on, I didn’t mean to do that but I wish him happiness. I hope he’s happy.”

So the pair haven’t been living together for the past six months then?

“You go and ask my mum about how messy my room is,” Chloe hit back. “She’ll tell you exactly where I was living.”

Either way, those cheeky Love Island producers definitely have a way of mixing things up in the villa, and an appearance from Jon is probably not out of the question…

“Well if he turned up it definitely would be a bit of a shock but what can you do?” said Chloe. “If ITV want him on there, they’ll have him on there. It’s nothing to do with me, but I’ve got no hard feelings there.”

One more thing – what about the phone down the toilet?

“My mum knows how much of a secret it has to be. So she’s not going to go and tell him ‘Chloe’s on Love Island’. Why would she? She’s got my back – she’s my mum!”

Probably a yes, then.

Like other Love Island alumni, Chloe also hasn’t ruled out a future on TOWIE, answering that suggestion with a “never say never” – and she does admit that she’s had chats with people involved with casting the show in the past.

“They have contacted me before, but nothing’s come of it. And that’s that really!”

We almost guarantee they’ll be in touch after this. Well, if her phone ever recovers after being dropped down that toilet…


Love Island begins on Monday 5th June at 9:30pm on ITV2