EastEnders: Whitney leaves Walford – but will she be back?

Has actress Shona McGarty now left the cast of the BBC1 soap?


Whitney Dean has been seen leaving Albert Square in tonight’s EastEnders after being turfed out of the Queen Vic.


After finding out about Whit’s kiss with Mick, Shirl took charge of the situation by accusing her of taking advantage while the Carters were at their lowest ebb, despite the pub landlord being the one to have instigated the snog.

After making it plain that Mick would never choose her over Linda, Whitney was told to pack her bags, which she duly did before Mick had a chance to talk to her about the fraught situation.


Viewers then saw a broken Whitney escaping Walford by Tube, her fate currently unknown. But it doesn’t seem like Whit has quit for good. Show boss Sean O’Connor has already revealed that a special three-hander episode is in the pipeline featuring Whitney, Mick and Linda.

Speaking about his plans, the executive producer recently told Metro: “Shona McGarty as Whitney is absolutely incredible. She’s a wonderfully gifted actress – she can do pain like nobody’s business but she has such warmth and humour too.

“Wherever she is in a scene – if she is collecting glasses, or breaking her heart- the camera just loves her. She has some huge episodes to come – including a showdown with Mick and Linda in the pipeline which will be a Carter three hander where all of the emotions of the past few months will come crashing into the heart of the Square. It’s going to be fantastic.”


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